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Welcome to the New You™
Weight Management System*

When Nativa embarked on the development of its New You™ Weight Management System the objectives were to develop a program that:

• Really works
• Improves general health and quality of life
• Is easy to follow
• Will be sustainable
• Create a sense of community with real user support

When Nativa’s multi-disciplinary team put the final touches to the New You™ Weight Management System, they went one step further and tested the program for a trial period of twelve weeks on an experimental group of eighty people. Based on this research (that inter alia included the monitoring of weight, body fat, body measurements, pulse rate and blood pressure) we are extremely confident that the New You™ Weight Management System will work for you. All you have to do is to stick to the program to discover the new you!

As a result of the way the program works, your progress will not necessarily be reflected on the scale right away. You will start seeing the difference in the amount of body fat that you lose and the amazing way in which you will shed the centimetres on various parts of your body! You will find the program easy to follow, not that tough to stick to and you won’t have to starve yourself in the process!

The more disciplined you follow the program of the New You™ Management System, the better your results will be. So, what is it all about?

The New You™ Weight Management System in brief

The New You™ Weight Management System consists of the following components:

  • A supplementation program of five products consisting of a New You Detox (to clean up your system), New You Burn (to turn on your body’s natural ability to get lean), New You Block (a fat manager and diuretic) and a New You Shake It! ( a weight manager/ meal replacement formula in three different flavours). When you reach your desired weight, you go on New You Maintain to keep your weight stable and your lean mass and energy levels intact. A stimulant free version of New You Burn is available for people that can’t take stimulants. All the products are used in conjunction with a kilojoule restricted eating plan.
  • The New You shape-up eating plan. The latter is not a diet, but an eat-right-plan that starts with a detox program of three days. Thereafter it combines nutritional and tasty meals (kilojoule restricted but yummy!) with the supplementation program.
    You are not going to starve yourself – you might even find that you are eating more and more frequent than usual! With the resultant boost in your metabolism, you will see that losing weight and especially centimetres is not as difficult as you thought it would be!
  • The New You toning exercises. If your body has gone flabby, make sure that you buy the New You Exercise Pack. It contains resistance and toning exercises with very straightforward but effective apparatus that you can use in the comfort of your own home. Ask your retailer to order a New You Exercise Pack from the wholesaler if it is not in stock. If you want to check out these exercises consult the New You DVD.

Membership of the New You support system – absolutely FREE. All you need to do is to register at For your trouble you will stand the chance to win a FREE container of Go! Workout tablets (a potent two-a-day lifestyle supplement that contains essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs and fatty acids), and you will also be able to:

o Enter your body statistics and to monitor your progress (private and password protected). The program will track your centimetre loss
o Get access to yummy recipes
o Get more information about the various supplements in the New You™ Weight Management System – and how you should take them
o Get access to frequently asked questions - from people on the program
o See interviews with people (clips) that are on the New You™ Weight Management System
o Look at testimonials and before and after pictures of people that followed the program
o Get access to a resident dietician and healthcare practitioner – for questions and guidance
o Receive reminders about what to do next or where you should be in terms of your progress

And all of the above is absolutely free!

* When linked to an approved kilojoule restricted diet
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